Tips For Making a Good And Correct Job Application Resume

The job application resume for the recruitment team is the most important thing in making the initial selection to determine which prospective employees will be selected in proceeding to the next stage. The employer in this case does not know for sure the personality of each of the job applicants, with the existence of this job application resume, the recruitment team is very helpful in understanding the work history and outline the personality of the job seeker.

Therefore, the first impression seen by the employer team includes the incoming job application resume. With the large number of job application files that are viewed, the shorter the time needed to select prospective employees, usually in checking each job application file it takes about thirty seconds to one minute, where each applicant only has limited words and a resume. which is made with good and correct grammar must convince the employer to select candidates in the next stage.

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In every Resume that we make, we must conclude all about our personalities and previous work history. Here are some tips for making a good and correct job application resume:

Have Complete And Clear Contact Information

In every job application letter, we should include complete contact information in order to make it easier for the employer team to contact us to continue at the next stage. The contact information referred to is not only limited to telephone numbers, but can be in the form of email addresses, social media addresses such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, and so on. This of course can provide added value because besides we can be contacted with various media choices and we are also seen actively in the use of technology which is now a necessity in every individual and company.

Grammar in Making Job Application Resumes

In making a job application resume, you should use the language with the correct spelling and not have the impression of repetitive language, in this case, use a concise and intended introduction only to complement our job application resume. Every information we provide in a job application resume should not be overly impressed and try to always be honest in providing information because this will raise other problems in proceeding at a later stage. In addition, make a curriculum vitae in brief words but can describe your entire work history and achievements and write down your goals in applying for the job, which in this case give specific goals and not goals in general because the employer team will see that you have a direction to work in the company, this will give a good first impression on the employer team.

Make a Job Application Resume Look Neat and Good

A job application resume will look good if in making it we pay attention to neatness, whether it's a written resume or typed on a computer. In addition, in making a curriculum vitae, we can give a little touch of art by adding a color or in the form of a frame with the aim of making it easy on the eyes and avoiding the impression of being excessive in making the curriculum vitae. A job application resume that looks neat and good will be a special attraction for the employer team to better understand the personality of the applicant and choose whether to proceed at a later stage.

Provide Authentic Evidence As Attachments to Job Application Resumes

Authentic evidence is also important in supporting the job application letters that we make, this evidence can be in the form of certificates, work experience certificates, certificates of joining organizations, certificates of appreciation that we have and various other authentic evidence of our achievements. This is the basis for the employer to see the potential and skills as well as a consideration for the employer to continue at the next stage.

In this case, in reality there is no resume of job application which is arguably the most ideal, because every company in looking for prospective employees has different terms and conditions depending on the position and type of work. However, this job application resume is an important thing and must be done before proceeding to the next stage of recruitment.

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