Tips For Giving Resume Online Job Applications

Applying for a job is the choice of most people after completing their studies which aims to determine a person's career status in supporting their life needs. In the past, looking for and applying for jobs could only be done by looking at job vacancies in local newspapers and other print media. After the development of the times globally accompanied by the presence of internet media, it has brought great changes in human life in general, various information is easier to get online without distance restrictions and moreover now we can communicate directly with someone who is far away only by using the internet media or what is often referred to as online media.

In principle, we still need print media as authentic evidence and also a comparison in choosing accurate information on online media. In this regard, various sites provide job information through online media to make it easier for job seekers to apply for the job they want.

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Broadly speaking, every company already has its own website and most of them already have career information pages. But in this case there are also many individuals who take advantage of this to commit crimes and deceive job seekers, so in today's online era, job seekers are required to be more thorough and smarter in distinguishing accurate career information and choosing the right qualifications with himself.

Most company sites in searching for prospective workforce candidates will ask to create an account or register first by filling in various forms of information needed by the company, such as information regarding full name, age, full address, contact number, work experience, education level, number. identity and various other information. Here are some tips for choosing a company website and providing job application resumes online.

Distinguishing Online Company Websites

In general there are several categories of websites in choosing jobs online, the first is the category of websites that provide information where the website is not owned or in direct collaboration with the company, in this case we are only presented with information that has been summarized on a website and given a link to information sources. job vacancies without registration on the website, the next category is a job vacancy provider website where the website has been trusted by various companies and usually we have to create an account or register first and provide a complete job application resume which is then forwarded to the relevant company, the next category namely a website that is owned by a company where the name of the website uses the company name, in this case we must be more careful in providing job application resumes in accordance with the category of the website.

Create an Account and Register on the Company Website

In this case, various contact information is required for registration, such as email addresses, telephone numbers, social media accounts and so on. We recommend that you use an email address in accordance with our name when applying for a job, besides that when registering on a company website, you should differentiate the password for registration with our email address password so that we are protected from various unscrupulous crimes that we do not want. In addition, strengthen the security of our contact information by enabling activity verification via our cellphones.

Make a complete job application resume

This job application resume is an important thing to pay attention to, because each company recruitment team does not have much time to remember the many incoming job applications and must be checked to find the right candidate to fill the required job vacancies. Therefore, make a resume that is short, solid but can explain the abilities we have and describe the entire existing work history. Make our CV as attractive as possible by giving it a little color but not having an excessive impression.

Create a Job Application Resume File

The next step if our job application resume is complete, scan the resume which usually uses pdf or jpg format, but in this case we must also pay attention to the file size, we recommend that the file size is only small but can be read clearly, this aims to make it easier for the team recruitment company to download and open the job application resume that we send.

In principle, the first impression you see when applying for a job online is the resume. The more interesting and also the shorter our job application resume, the greater the chances for the next step, given that many job applications come in and usually the employer team takes a short time to review and screen various applicants before proceeding to the next stage. Currently there are many company websites or job information providers available, take advantage of the convenience of technology to get the best results with maximum effort and minimal costs.

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