Tips In Conducting a Job Interview

Finding a job is indeed quite difficult in today's world of work, where the competition between job seekers is getting higher and most companies prioritize workers who are more experienced than new graduates who are ready to look for work. However, all of these things are challenges that must be undertaken by individuals and we must continue to improve our competence by participating in organizational activities, training, and seminars held by both government and private programs in increasing our potential and becoming added value for us in looking for work. what we desire, with this organizational experience we will be easier to mingle in a company because we are used to working in the team we live in.

In addition, job seekers must be active in finding jobs that match their specifications through various media and online sources, such as advertising posters posted, asking for friend references, social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on as well as visiting websites. companies, as well as websites that provide job vacancies and submit applications online and offline. But in this case, if we get information sourced through social media, job seekers must be smarter to distinguish what is true and what is not true by tracing information sources from social media.

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If we apply for a job at a company, there are many series of selections and tests that we must follow, this starts from administrative selection where all of our job application documents are adjusted to the position required by the company, written tests, physical tests and so on. In addition, if we have passed the various selections and tests, our next step will be to meet with a team of employers and third parties appointed by the company directly to carry out job interviews, this is an important moment and at the same time determining whether we get the job. or not, because there are so many job seekers who fail to conduct this interview because they are nervous, they don't understand good interview ethics, lack insight in the world of work and so on.

Here are some tips for preparing for a job interview:

Before conducting a job interview, it is a good idea for job seekers to do research and try to understand about the company we are interviewing for. In this case most of the questions in job interviews are about understanding the company where we are applying for a job, by knowing the outline of the company, we will make it easier to answer various questions about the job we are applying for.
In a job vacancy that we are applying for, of course in general we already know what the functions and responsibilities of the job are, we should look for possible questions that will arise in job interviews and practice them with friends or family with the aim of making us remember and understand more when conducting job interviews. which is actually.

If we already know the job interview schedule set by the company, then the job seeker should be present about 10 to 15 minutes before the interview schedule determined by the company. In this case we have to imagine and find out the route that will be taken in carrying out a job interview, it is intended that we can calculate the time to arrive at the job interview and not be late, because this shows that we will always be on time and professionally. in work if we are accepted as a prospective employee at the company.

When meeting with a team of employers or third parties appointed by the company in person, we should bring a copy of the resume and other files needed as authentic evidence in conducting a job interview. For example, by bringing the original certification which is proof of our organization, attending seminars and training that can be displayed if needed during job interviews, besides that if we take the field of architect or photographer then we need to bring props and the results we have as evidence that we are indeed professionals in their fields and can provide benefits to the company.

Before conducting a job interview, prepare clothes that are stylish, clean and neat in accordance with the directions when you receive a job interview invitation at the company. By dressing appropriately, neatly and cleanly, we will be more comfortable to see because a person's appearance also determines the success of the interview, besides that job seekers must also pay attention to cleanliness and tidiness of the body such as short finger nails and neat hair so that we look more professional and avoid dressing and wearing flashy and excessive jewelry, because our goal in this case is looking for work.

When conducting a job interview, do not enter the interview room and sit on a chair before being allowed by the interviewing team, when we are allowed to enter the room, give greetings with a smile and a firm handshake which is a good first step in starting a job interview. During the interview, avoid interrupting when the interviewing team is talking, listen carefully to the questions asked and try not to ask the speaker team to repeat the questions, because this will reduce our points in conducting a job interview.

In every answer to the question posed by the interviewing team, we should be candid by giving honest and straightforward answers, this aims to shorten time but our explanation can be fully understood by the job interview team, you should insert it to provide an explanation of our expertise as a consideration in the job interview and avoid the bad-mouthing nature of the company where we worked previously.

After our job interview instructions have finished, do a handshake to thank you for the time given for the job interview and if necessary ask for a little explanation about when we can receive the information from the interview that shows that we are enthusiastic about working for the company and don't forget to give greetings and smile as he exits the job interview room.

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