Basic Tips For Negotiating Salaries In Applying for Jobs

If we have completed a series of tests in applying for a job, then at the end of the job interview questions will appear from the employer team, including the following "What salary or wages do we want if we are accepted at this company?". However, what job seekers answered were doubts as to whether the salary we wanted was too big or too small. It also determines the final outcome in our chances of getting a job.

We recommend that before we start a job interview, first identify the company and the level of minimum wages that are given. In addition, we should also know the minimum wage standard according to the field of work determined by the government, especially in the area where we are applying for the job, because each standard minimum wage determined is influenced by various factors, one of which is the level of the regional economy. In that money is a sensitive issue for the entire recruitment process, we often hesitate to discuss this issue of compensation. The following are tips for negotiating salaries in applying for a job.

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Doing Research on the Company We Are Applying to

We should do this research before the interview process is carried out, the level of company wages will of course be adjusted to the level of education, skills, fields of work and so on. Currently, there are many sources of information that we can easily get through the internet, looking for acquaintances who have experience in the company, and other media that can provide us with related information, if we already know the level of wages at the company, it will be easy for us to determine how much wages are paid. we deserve to receive and if necessary we can raise up to 30% of the standard wages in the company in accordance with the qualifications held.

Determining Wage Level In Accordance With Previous Work History

If we already know the wage standard in the company and we have a history of work with the same wage standard at the previous company, then we should put it forward by giving the right reasons according to the wages at the company where we worked before. This is of course adjusted to the field of work we are currently applying for and the company's ability to pay wages at each level of work.

Consider other facilities offered by the company

In a job, the wages that are given are not the only compensation we receive if we have got the job, but we will be given various facilities such as health facilities, old age insurance, various benefits in the form of money or equipment, regular salary increases and facilities. others that we will get in return for services from the company. By considering this, the level of wages that we should receive must be adjusted to the various facilities of the company and its field of work.

Measuring Your Own Ability Level In Determining Wages

The competence that we have is something that the company hopes to contribute in completing the field of work that will be given later, therefore adjust our own abilities in determining wages, do not let us ask for high wages but in this case it is not in accordance with educational background and our previous work history.

Always Be Positive In Wage Negotiations During Job Interviews

Having a positive attitude which means that it does not appear to impose the will or the level of wages we want on the company, basically the work wage negotiation is carried out on the basis of mutual benefit between employees and the company, by understanding the needs that are tailored to the field of work being applied for and also understanding the company's offer at that time then we will easily determine the level of wages we should receive.

Be Enthusiastic And Focused On The Field Of Work To Be Done

After conducting an interview and finding an agreement that has been determined, then avoid being lethargic and a change of enthusiasm like the first time you did a job interview, show an enthusiastic attitude to work wholeheartedly as if we have got the job. This will also give a positive value to your self-assessment and can give assurance to the employing team that they did not choose the wrong person to be given responsibility for the field of work. Self-motivation, namely the implementation of a job interview is only the first step to achieve better compensation, but by proving one's own ability in the company, the opportunities for success will open wider and of course the compensation we will receive will be much more increased in the future.

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